Seyi Vibez: A Peek into the Artist’s Life Story

Balogun Afolabi, widely recognized as Seyi Vibez, is a Nigerian musician hailing from Ketu, Lagos State. His journey in the world of music commenced in Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria, the same place he spent his formative years. Seyi Vibez attended As-Sodiq Primary School during his early education and later pursued his studies at Skylights Secondary School in Agric Ikorodu. His academic path eventually led him to Lagos State University, where he pursued a degree in sociology. Born on July 12, 1990, Seyi Vibez has emerged as a notable figure in the Nigerian Afro-pop scene.

While in high school, Seyi Vibez started to uncover his musical talent. He would perform cover versions of songs by his beloved artists, captivating his schoolmates and family with his melodious renditions. This marked the moment when he realized his singing prowess and made the choice to follow it as a professional path. Seyi began composing and sharing his songs, even before securing a record deal, and although none of them gained widespread recognition initially, his perseverance paid off. Today, he stands as one of the prominent figures in the music industry, thanks to his consistent release of hit tracks that have taken the music scene by storm.

Seyi Vibez’s music is primarily rooted in Afro-pop, drawing substantial inspiration from legendary figures like Fela Kuti. To broaden his reach and connect with a more diverse audience, Seyi Vibez skillfully blends Yoruba and English in his songs, transcending language barriers and gaining recognition even in regions where Yoruba isn’t spoken. Prior to his breakthrough in 2021 with the chart-topping track “God Sent,” Seyi had released several songs that garnered limited attention. This track is featured on his debut album, NSNV (No Seyi, No Vibes), and its immense popularity significantly expanded Seyi’s fanbase and solidified his position within the industry.


Who Sign-in Seyi Vibez

Seyi Vibez has remained an independent artist without signing with any record label. He’s gained recognition for his adept self-promotion efforts, and his music is distributed through Dvpper. Seyi Vibez has four studio albums in his discography: “NSNV,” “Billion Dollar Baby,” “Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come,” and “Thy Kingdom Come Album,”

In 2017, Damilola Akinwunmi established “DAPPER Distribution and Records,” a Nigerian distribution company and music label based in Lagos, Nigeria. While DAPPER has ventured into various music genres, it is primarily renowned for its involvement in the Afrobeats genre. The platform has served as a distribution and label choice for numerous artists, including the likes of Omah Lay, Ice Prince, SkiiBii, Sean Tizzle, Rexxie, Broda Shaggi, Sound Sultan, Black Magic, Savage, and many more.

Seyi Vibez’s Musical Taste 

Seyi Vibez draws inspiration from the iconic Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. He captivates his audience by skillfully blending the rich Yoruba language of his local community with melodious musical arrangements.

Moreover, the up-and-coming Afropop artist crafts his songs with a distinct indigenous flavor and a unique narrative style. This is prominently showcased in one of his tracks, “Life,” which resonated deeply with his listeners, particularly those who have achieved success through the challenges of street life.

Who is Seyi Vibez Girlfriend

The singer’s romantic life remains unknown, as he appears to be a private individual who guards his personal details closely. Despite a viral internet photo showing Seyi Vibez alongside a woman holding a bouquet, he has effectively shielded his love life from public view. Many were taken aback to discover that Seyi, who has collaborated with several attractive women during his career ascent, remains unmarried in his thirties. Contrary to common assumptions, Seyi has not tied the knot. Instead, the singer is channeling his energies into advancing his burgeoning music career.

Seyi Vibez Net Worth

Seyi Vibez is reported to have a net worth of $285,000, a substantial sum in Nigeria. His earnings from a single stage performance can reach approximately $4,000. Additionally, he enjoys a steady income from his YouTube channel, which boasts over 96,000+ subscribers. However, the majority of his income is derived from song sales and streaming. Seyi also owns luxury vehicles, exquisite diamond jewelry, and other valuable assets.

Did Seyi Vibez Have A Car or House

Seyi Vibez is believed to own multiple properties, and he made headlines recently with the purchase of a multi-million-dollar mansion following the release of his album “Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come.” While he likely possesses a collection of automobiles, he maintains a level of privacy and does not readily share details about his vehicles. One notable acquisition is his Range Rover, valued at over 40 million Naira. His fans celebrated him when he acquired two brand-new vehicles simultaneously, showcasing his success in the music industry.

Did Seyi Vibez Have Family or Any Relative

Seyi Vibez was born in Nigeria to Nigerian parents, and as of the available information, their names remain undisclosed. Seyi has been quite private about his family, and details about his parents have not been publicly shared. However, it’s worth noting that Seyi recently shared the unfortunate news of his beloved mother’s passing in March 2023. He took to his Instagram page to announce her demise, describing it as the “darkest day of my life.”

Regarding his family background, Seyi’s father was known to work as a plumber. During his mother’s pregnancy, his parents moved to Ketu, and after Seyi’s birth, they returned to Ikorodu. Seyi grew up under the care of his parents in the bustling neighborhood of Ikorodu, where he discovered his deep passion for music.

While there is no available information about Seyi’s siblings, including their names or personal details, it is evident that Seyi Vibez values his family’s privacy and prefers to keep them out of the spotlight.

Seyi Vibez Religion 

Seyi Vibez follows the Islamic faith. Islam, one of the Abrahamic monotheistic religions, places significant emphasis on the teachings of Muhammad and the Quran. The global Muslim community, known as Muslims, constitutes a substantial portion of the world’s population, with estimates ranging from 1 to 1.8 billion individuals. Muslims make up approximately one-quarter of the world’s population, making Islam the second-largest religious group globally, following Christianity.

Did Seyi Vibez Attend Any School?

Seyi Vibez, the Nigerian Afro-pop artist, began his educational journey at As-Sodiq Primary School in Ketu. Subsequently, he continued his studies at Skylights Secondary School in Agric Ikorodu. Currently, Seyi is pursuing a degree in sociology at Lagos State University.

List of Seyi Vibez’s Songs

List of Seyi Vibez’s Albums

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